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PROLOZONE®: Why Channel 10 News says, "Ozone therapy helps patients with chronic back pain!"



Having to deal with lower back pain is no way to go through life. Some people choose to work through the pain, while others will try everything to make the pain go away. Research shows "84% of the population will have back pain"(1) at some point in their life and that 50-70% of this population will have a recurrent episode within the first year. The current treatment methods address symptom relief but do not restore full function to the stabilizing structures of the spine, they are just band-aids and cortisone destroys tissues which eventually makes the pain and problem worse.

Oxygen-ozone therapy is a great NATURAL alternative to pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots and surgery. For many patients, that is the end of their back pain. At Nature Care, we offer Pain-Free Wellness that includes Oxygen-ozone therapy that routinely sees patients recover from debilitating back, neck, and joint pain. And, Pain-Free Wellness treatments are much less expensive than many other treatment options and you can come in for your treatment and be on your way the same day and it works, while other treatments manage or mask the cause/source of the pain.

How Prolozone® Works:

Prolozone® Oxygen-ozone therapy is a treatment method that uses a naturally-occurring gas (ozone) consisting of three atoms of oxygen which reduces inflammation and balances free radicals in the body. Most oxygen-ozone treatments are administered to people with herniated discs to reduce back pain. The oxygen-ozone gas is injected directly into the affected disc to reduce the volume of the disc! This will subsequently reduce the pressure on your nerves, which relieves the pain from your herniated disc(2) WITHOUT surgery.

**Testimonial of young mom w/herniated disc PAIN FREE**


Research states that Ozone is also helpful in other painful joint problems such as Osteoarthritis! (3) Ozone helps treat pain and inflammation through injections in localized areas such as joints, tendons, and muscles by helping red blood cells to transport oxygen, improving circulation, and general cell function. It significantly decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α, which are major causes of pain in several types of arthritis. Prolozone® therapy is effective even "without having any toxicity or severe side effects"(3), such a with cortisone shots or pharmaceuticals, and it’s much less invasive with better results than surgery. Many patients obtain a level of immediate pain relief that they haven't felt and didn't expect. This gives the muscles, joints, tendons, and any damaged areas time to heal and recover.

"Treatment was a success in 211 patients (70.3%) in group A and 235 patients (78.3%) in group B"(2) with JUST ONE injection after 6 months.
These results are in comparison to surgery which only had a satisfactory result 4.7% and 5% of the times.

*For further research articles and results of published experiments used as references for this blog, please scroll down to the “References” and "Results" sections below.

Lumbar Disk Herniations:

The Pain-Free Wellness treatments incorporate minimally invasive Prolozone® Oxygen-Ozone Therapy that can specifically be used to treat Lumbar Disk Herniations (2) or any other type of strained discs such as bulging and/or ruptured discs throughout the spine to safely isolate the spine and provide an individualized and targeted adaptation response to the ligaments and muscles that are critical in stabilizing the spine and returning you to a more meaningful pain-free lifestyle. The protocol has shown to produce significant long-term reductions in pain, trouble, and impairment while increasing strength, range-of-motion, and paraspinal endurance.

Efficient & Economical:

The ‘Pain-Free Wellness’ treatments at Nature Care are an efficient way to minimize your time spent in discomfort and eliminate cost. This economical solution will decrease long-term medical costs and provide you a more productive lifestyle. Let us get you back on your feet, Pain Free, the natural way!

Contact us for more information on how the ‘Pain-Free Wellness’ treatments can benefit you.

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**Testimony of young grandpa w/herniated disc, PAIN FREE**


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Results from "Minimally invasive oxygen-ozone therapy for lumbar disk herniation" where "600 patients aged 20–80 years were treated with a single session of oxygen-ozone therapy." "These patients represent a consecutive sequence of patients who presented with lumbar disk herniation during the 2 years." "Three hundred patients (group A, Bellaria Hospital, Bologna, Italy) received an intradiscal (4 mL) and periganglionic (8 mL) injection of an oxygen-ozone mixture with an ozone concentration of 27 μg/mL. The other 300 patients (group B, Anthea Hospital, Bari, Italy) received identical oxygen-ozone injections, followed by a periganglionic injection of corticosteroid (1 mL of Depo-Medrone 40 mg [Pharmacia & Upjohn, Milan, Italy]) and anesthetic (2 mL of Marcain 0.5% [Biologici Italia Laboratories, Novate Milanese, MI, Italy]) at the same session.""No premedication or anesthesia was given to either group, and the procedure was performed at an outpatient facility. The L4–5 level was the most frequently treated (61.8%); L1–2, 0.7%; L2–3, 1.2%; L3–4, 8.7%; L5-S1, 27.6%.""At the end of treatment, patients were advised to rest in supine decubitus position for 2 hours. All patients were discharged on the same day as treatment. On discharge, patients were instructed to gradually resume motor activity. All patients underwent follow-up examinations 2 weeks, 2 months, and 6 months after treatment."

"Treatment was a success in 211 patients 70.3%,(50.3% + 20%) in group A and 235 patients 78.3%(53.3% + 25%) in group B"(2) with JUST ONE injection after 6 months!!!
These results are in comparison to surgery which only had a success rate of 4.7% and 5% of the times.

The following graph shows a comparison of satisfactory results versus surgery which was only successful 4.7% and 5% of the times. Therapeutic outcome 6 months after oxygen-ozone therapy. Light gray bars indicate group A (n=300); dark gray bars, group B (n=300). Numbers at top of bars are percentages.

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